The Tour Guide Part 1

Working in New South Wales was his dream assignment, but getting there had cost him a lot of hard work, long hours and a lot of sucking up to his bosses. The problem was he wasn’t there yet. Jack had started off in the Greek Islands babysitting 18 to 30 year olds as they got […]

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Unexpected Adventures Part 2

Shaz’s body contorted on the bed making it hard for Ree to maintain contact with her hot, wet slit. Ree repositioned her arms over Shaz’s legs so she could move with her and continue to probe her sensitive vaginal opening to bring her to orgasm. Ree only occasionally flicked Shaz’s clitoris to avoid initiating the […]

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The Hotel With Benefits

The bottle of red wine wasn’t the most expensive on the menu but it wasn’t the cheapest either. So when the waiter knocked it over splashing Patricia’s dress with the dregs from the bottom of the bottle she was annoyed at the cost of the wine and the cost of the dry cleaning. “I’m sorry […]

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A Quickie In The Shower

The bathroom was steamy and the shower curtain covered in rivulets of water from the shower head when I entered the bathroom. I’d had a restful night’s sleep and the remains of a morning hard-on were waving about in front of me as I decided whether I should brush my teeth or slip into the […]

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I’m a model, a bit of glamour work here, some hard core there and in between I work at exhibitions and anything else that will pay the bills. Here’s what happened a couple of years ago when I was asked to help out at an Adult exhibition in London. — It’s odd but I wear […]

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Unexpected Adventures – Part 1

“What do you mean I’m not adventurous enough?” she shouted, glaring at him. “It came out wrong, I meant to say that, erm” he paused contemplating the half eaten dinner she had cooked for them rather than look her in the eye. “Well, I’m waiting.” Her hand tapped on the table between them. “Look, it’s […]

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Hospital for Perverts Part 3

“No, no you can’t!“ I protested. “I said no to anal sex too!.” “But not an anal examination and we can use any instruments we like …” “OK, OK. But nothing too big, not in my ass.” Thoughts of butt plugs of all shapes and sizes crossed my mind making me more than a little […]

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Hospital for Perverts Part 2

My hot nurse whose name was Judith according to her name badge asked me to change into a gown as soon as we entered the examination room. I did so behind a screen that didn’t totally obscure me from her view and made me feel curiously exposed although she had obviously seen all this before […]

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Hospital for Perverts Part 1

By Jane Anderson @fun4badgirlz It’s a long time since my first visit to “The Clinic” but I remember it to this day. I had booked myself in for a gynaecologist exam which I thought would be an interesting way to experience the touch of someone’s hands on my pussy. Believe it or not at 25 […]

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An Englishman Abroad

Alan’s mobile phone came to life briefly before flashing up a “Battery low, plug in charger” message and shutting down again. He swore under his breath and headed to the nearest phone in the airport arrivals lounge. He fumbled amongst his pocket change to find enough Aussie cents to feed into the slot. While he […]

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Dream Dates And Hot Strangers

This story is completely fictional and brought to you courtesy of one of our sponsors, purely for your enjoyment. Amanda thought it amusing that she was enjoying herself so much because of a chance remark by her friend and housemate, Kim.  Kim had always been a “normal”, in fact a somewhat dull classmate at […]

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Wet Panties In The Office

She waited for him to leave the office before hitching up her skirt and slipping the vibrator into her silk panties. She had worn them especially for this moment, the touch of silk on her skin making her feel special, sexy, so very, very horny. The vibe sprang to life against her clitoris, the intense […]

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