Sex With The Hotel Receptionist

Sex With The Hotel Receptionist

Sex With The Hotel Receptionist

I had checked in after a long drive and managed a shower before I collapsed on the bed and dozed off.  Occasionally I’d stir when the TV disturbed me but it was around four hours before I woke up and realised I’d missed dinner. The restaurant would be closed and I was very hungry.

I lay back on the bed wondering what to do next. My towelling robe was open and my cock lolled heavy on my thigh. My mind wandered back to check-in and the banter with the receptionist. She was cute, chestnut hair, curvy, about my age and with blue-green eyes that looked full of mischief. I had been so tired at the time I’d flirted with her without realising how sexy she looked in the tailored hotel uniform. I mused about a missed opportunity for a few minutes and realised I was sporting a hard-on. I considered jerking off but my stomach reminded me I hadn’t eaten for twelve hours so I called room service. I couldn’t face finding restaurant in an unfamiliar city, on my own, at this time of night.

I ordered some food and coffee then watched TV until I heard the knock at the door. By then my cock had softened into a hot turgid weight which swung between my legs as I walked to the door tying my robe.

I open the door to be greeted by the sight of the receptionist from earlier with my order on a trolley

“They have you running room service too?” I asked.

“No, I finish in five minutes so I said I’d bring this up to you.” She said leaning forward and giving me a great view down her cleavage.

I watched her push the trolley into the room, her shapely hips that matched the rest of her seductive curves swayed at she did so. My mouth went dry and the resting weight between my legs started to wake up again. She bent forward as she pushed the trolley, her stature a little tall for the tiny trolley, especially in the high heels she was wearing. Her ass stuck out slightly, the curve of her hips emphasises by her tight skirt.

“Thanks.” I said when she’d done. The sight of her half bent over the trolley had given me more than the meal to thank her for.

She walked to the open door, but instead of leaving closed it and turned to face me. “I’m off duty, any chance of a cup of coffee?” I looked at the trolley, there were two cups next to the pot. She poured us both one and sat next to me on the bed

“You don’t remember me do you?” She said.

“Should I?” I watched as she kicked off her heels.

She pointed at her badge, it said “Jane Thomas”.

“I used to be Jane Carmichael.”

“Oh, god, Jane!” She had been in the year above me at college when we both lived about twenty miles away. “Married?” I asked.

“I was. Divorced two years ago.”

I couldn’t suppress a smile.

“You always did fancy me didn’t you. But you never got up the courage to ask me out.” She paused as if considering whether to say what came next. “It was a pity because I always wanted to find out if Ann was exaggerating.”

Ann was my long term girlfriend at school. So that was what girls talked about when they were together! Who’d have thought it.

Jane’s hand grabbed my robe and pulled it open below the towelling belt, exposing my cock. I grabbed it back suddenly feeling self-conscious, exposed and a little embarrassed. Jane laughed, “Even Ann knew you had a thing for me but we were mates so I didn’t push it. Which means it’s about time I did …”

Everything seemed to go quiet. Jane stood up and headed to the bathroom. She slipped off her jacket and hung it over the back of the chair. “I need to freshen up.” I waited until I heard the shower, pondering if I should follow but hesitated because I couldn’t believe she was giving me the come-on. She’d even left the door ajar …

A moment later I was in the bathroom watching her hands gliding over her curvy body. Her hair was pinned up with just a few stray strands now clinging to her back. She was facing away from me but I sensed she knew I was there as soon after I entered the bathroom she began to massage her breasts and turned to face me.

“You like?” she asked.

I let my robe fall open, so she could see my semi-erect  member. “I like.”

When she had finished she stepped onto the towel I’d thrown onto the marble floor and I patted her dry. Her nipples where hard, crowning the full breasts that drew my attention away from her beautiful ass. I let my robe fall to the floor, dropped the towel with my job half-finished and leaned in to suck a nipple into my mouth. She cried out, so I released her from my mouth but immediately grabbed my head and pulled me to her again so I could suck and lick the sensitive button.

Jane guided my head to her lips. We kissed for a moment then I felt her grab my now rock hard cock. She led me to the bedroom and guided me on to the bed where I lay and waited to see what she did next.

She squatted across my legs, pinning me down and leaned forward to take my cock in her mouth. She slurped at it enthusiastically. My hips began to buck but I was held down by her weight. I could feel the hard nipples on her ample boobs pressing into my thighs and wanted to get my hands on the soft mounds again but they were out of reach.

I didn’t have to wait long for the alluring prizes to come into reach because she released my cock from her mouth and slid up me, pressing my cock against my stomach and rubbing her pussy along its length. She was soft, swollen and wet. I went to work on her breasts again, this time with my hands. She moaned her appreciation and continued to cover my groin in an endless stream of gloriously scented pussy juice for a while until I thought I would shoot my load over my stomach. She was ready to be fucked and seemed to be saving my cock for the ultimate moment.  It was then she chose to swing forward towards my chest and in her backward stroke roll her hips to allow my cock entry to her pussy.

I slid inside with ease, the hugely engorged walls of her cunt pressing hard against my aching shaft were lubricated with the torrent of nectar she was producing. Jane bounced up and down on me, her breasts hypnotising me as they rose and fell in time with but slightly out of step with her body. I felt her twitch almost immediately and within a few strokes she had cum. I held back as long as I could, sensing an epic orgasm approaching. I almost regretted restraining myself when I did cum just a minute later because I thought I would pass out from the intensity of it.

Jane lowered herself onto my stomach and we kissed for a while before falling to sleep.


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