The FFM Massage

The FFM Massage

The FFM Massage

I’ve been getting tense recently because of increased pressure at work so my wife surprised me about a month ago with the announcement hat she had booked me a series of sessions with a massage therapist as she thought it would help me relax.

I began to complain that I would never have time to go see the guy but she told me the sessions would be at our home, the first being on the following Saturday morning to make sure I was relaxed and we could enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Knowing “Andy” was booked I showered as soon as I woke and was padding around the house in my bath robe when I heard my wife Trish answer the door and let someone in. She called my a few minutes later “Connor, everything’s nearly ready down here …”

I walked into our lounge to find the blinds had been drawn on the window at the front of the house leaving the room lit only by the light streaming through the large windows which looked out onto our very private back garden. A portable massage table was set up ready for me and standing next to it was “Andy” or more accurately “Andi” because he was a she. A very cute brunette squeezed into a tightly fitted blouse and wearing black trousers. Her hair was tied up behind her head in a high pony tail and she looked at me with hazel eyes in such a sexy way that I was lost for words for a moment.

“He’s all yours.” Smiled my  wife. She turned to me. “Relax, I’m fed up of you being tense every weekend, she has great hands.”

And  with that we were alone.

“You can use this towel to cover your bum.” She waved a white towel  at me. “How long have you and Trish been married?” She turned her back to I could maintain my modesty, thank goodness as I was already sporting a semi-erect penis a the thought of Andi rubbing oil into my skin.

“Nearly eight years now.” I hopped up onto the bench and pushed my cock down, closing my legs and roughly throwing the towel over my ass. I felt Andi straighten it out and heard the snap of a flip-top bottle opening as I became accustomed to laying face-down looking at the carpet through the hole in the table.

“Trish and I kinda lost touch after we left school. Wish I’d been at the wedding but at that time I was in Japan, then Thailand, then Australia, so it’s no wonder we didn’t manage to stay in touch.”

Andi, Andi, the name rang a bell now. Trish had talked about her school friends but there were so many and we’d both left school over a decade ago. Thoughts of why the name rang bells were soon expunged as warm oil was drizzled onto my back Andi’s surprising strong hands began to glide over my skin.

“Ah, that’s amazing!” I exclaimed almost immediately and was soon lost in a warm, relaxing sea of sensation. The girl was good.

Minutes passed with the sexy little masseuse’s hands taking me to paradise. I drifted a little, not quite asleep but floating on the edge of consciousness – exactly what I needed to unwind. I became aware that something had changed. The towel had been removed from my ass and Andi was rubbing oil onto my buttocks. I started speak but she said “I’m doing your legs, don’t worry I know what a man’s ass looks like. And this is a nice one.” She giggled and slowly worked her way down my legs. I was relaxed again now and as I felt her hands work their way back up again and the rich almond scent seemed to fill the room I realised she was a professional and this was the most natural thing in the world for her.

Of course she would massage my inner thighs.

Of course she would slide her fingers across my buttocks in a slow, sensuous action.

So when I felt her middle finger slide down the cleft of my buttocks and press gently on my asshole I hardly noticed.

I felt more oil being dripped onto me and then her finger started a slowly circular motion around my asshole and with an insistent pressure began to work its way inside. I moan at the feeling of the oiled digit invading me. Only Trish had done this before and the feeling that Andi was doing this was a real turn-on. Then it struck me – Andi was doing it!

Andi felt me flinch and with her free hand she held me down. “It’s OK. Relax, Trish wanted me to give you the full service.” I hesitated, but  I was getting horny and as I relaxed back onto the table I felt Another finger penetrated me alongside the first and both of them started to push deeper inside me.

My breathing quickened and I started to gasp. I could feel my cock getting hard. It was trapped under  me in an awkward position. “Role onto your side.” Said Andi gently. I did so, with her fingers now wedged as high up my as as they would go.

My cock sprang free and as I opened my eye I saw Trish, hands grabbing for the hard member. I was past caring what was happening and started to enjoy the moment. Andi’s hand grabbed my shoulder and her two fingers squirmed in my ass. Trish grasped my balls and cupped them firmly while sucking at my throbbing cock.

She pushed herself onto my erection, pressing the swollen head of my penis as  far down her throat as she could until she had to come up for air. Gasping she pumped my cock slowly and firmly before taking the head of my quivering rod into her mouth again. Her tongue caressed and massaged my sensitive head for a while, lapping away the oozing precum before seeking out more by probing almost painfully into my urethra.

My groin began to tense and both women sensed it. Andi’s fingers flexed and pressed hard against my prostate while Trish’s hand speeded up it’s stroking of my cock as she sucked hard on it. I unloaded a huge load of cum into my wife’s mouth with an “Oh fuck!!!” so load that it startled Andi.

Trish misjudged the length of my ejaculation and pulled away as I let loose a final streamer of sticky white cum. It landed across her cheek and lips.

As Trish got up from her crouching position Andi slowly pulled her fingers from my ass. I felt my invaded asshole slowly close as she walked around the table to take Trish in her arms. I watched them kiss, the cum on my wife’s face smearing across Andi’s. Then as they continued to smooch and Trish opened her mouth white cum oozed out and the women ‘s tongues both tastes the salty, gooey essence, swapping it back and forth.

The penny dropped! Andi was the girl that Trish had told me about when we first met. I knew Trish likes men and women, and she had told me about her brief affair with Andi one summer when Trish’s parents had gone on vacation and left her alone in the house with their best friend’s daughter – Andi. He enjoyed the stories but had almost discounted them as Trish imagining the affair to turn him on. The evidence in front of him proved otherwise. And the way Andi looked at his softening, drooling cock told him she didn’t just like girls either …


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